Our inspiration...

Marty and Amy Cherrix were flipping through an old family heirloom. The book was tattered, faded, and torn. Generations of the mother and daughter's family had been sharing its stories for as far back as either of them could remember. 

The book was Roaming the Mountains with John Parris. When a quick Internet search for a new copy turned up nothing, they realized the book was in danger of being forgotten, and with it, a treasure trove of Western North Carolina history and folklore.

Within the hour Two Hoots Press was born. 

Two Hoots Press is committed to preserving the stories of Western North Carolina and its people. By reclaiming and repackaging forgotten mountain works, these books once again become a relevant part of the cultural conversation. As our mountain communities evolve and grow, Two Hoots Press will help create an archive of of life in the Appalachians that will endure for generations to come.