“Words are power. "

"Words create worlds"


Little by little they can tear us down or build us up. These words create our world. But we need to believe them and we need to believe in ourselves,” says Cate the Caterpillar in Betsy Coffeen and Samantha Smith’s wonderful new book Cate’s Magic Garden. We highly recommend this terrific tale as a heartfelt teaching text filled with essential life lessons.

The enchanting story for children of all ages spotlights the negative speak we can use to sabotage our hearts and the positive possibilities of empowering language to lift the spirit. By educating children on how to remain upbeat even when times are tough, we help them trust their instincts and build self-esteem. Clever Cate and her subterranean cast of characters help us poke our heads out of the soil to see the sunshine in every situation!

Childhelp Co-Founders, Sara O’Meara (CEO & Chairman) and Yvonne Fedderson (President)

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